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Found on eBay: Junghans Vintage WWII German Kriegsmarine Watch U-Boat

Junghans pocket watch converted to a wristwatch, circa 1930-40’s.

Junghan Watch

Junghan Watch

Junghans Watch



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Found On eBay: c1900 Vampire Kit

Definitely one of the more unusual finds on eBay. This kit contains everything you need for battling the undead:

•Leather bound Holy Bible
• Faded gold priests vestment stole
• Old bronze crucifix with skull and bones at the base
• Large crucifix within the lid
• Four wooden stakes with brass or bronze crucifix’s inset
• Wooden hammer
• Cut glass stoppered bottle presumably to take Holy Water
• Three green vials, corked, labeled “sacred soil”, “flour of garlic” and “sacred flowers”

Is the a genuine vampire hunter’s kit? Something sold to tourist? A prop from a movie? Either way, this would make one hell of a conversation starter! Is it just me or do the stakes actually looked used…

Check out the c1900 Vampire Kit on eBay.

c1900 Vampire Kit

c1900 Vampire Kit Wooden Stakes and Crucifix

c1900 Vampire Kit Wooden Hammer, Viles and Holy Water

c1900 Vampire Kit Bible and Vestment

c1900 Vampire Kit with Viles and Holy Water

c1900 Vampire Kit Emblem

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Found On Ebay: Kunstformen Der Natur by Ernst Haeckel

Kunstformen der Natur

Kunstformen der Natur (Cover is not from the Ebay listing)

German biologist Ernst Haeckel originally released his collection of lithographic prints, Kunstformen Der Natur (Art Forms of Nature) in sets of ten, and created a full volume of 100 prints in 1904. You can find plenty of prints cut from the pages of fauna and flora books on Ebay, none can rival the beautiful colors and compositions of Haeckel’s work. Haeckel’s illustrations concentrated on the symmetry and organization found in the organisms he studied. The book would go on to influence early 20th century art, especially the Art Nouveau movement. A second edition was printed in 1924, but only contains 30 of the prints.

Ebay seller nighthawk-gallery has an original copy of the first printing. Not the cheapest item on Ebay, but perfect for that person who has everything…except this book. Just don’t cut the pages out.

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Found on Ebay: Vintage Hartmann Leather Suitcase

I’ve always been a fan of vintage luggage. Maybe I’ve watched too many old movies or listened to too many Sinatra albums, but when I see a piece of vintage luggage, I envision an exotic place and time, when you had to walk on the tarmac to your plane and the stewardesses still wore short skirts. When I see an old suitcase in a thrift or antique store I wonder, “Where have you been and what have you seen?” Of course, the answer could be,” I never made it out of Ohio…” But that would ruin the fun.

My latest find is a vintage Hartmann leather suitcase. The case is a perfect size for a carry on. Hartmann still makes high quality luggage and other goods, with a leather carry on costing you $500 and up.

So whether you’re going to Thailand or New York, you’ll be sure to stand out. If you never make it out of Ohio, just don’t tell me.

Hartmann Luggage

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Found On Ebay: Vintage Double Breasted Peacoat

Double Breasted PeacoatEbay user Cotton-love is selling a dark blue double breasted peacot with gold anchor buttons.

One bid with three days left. Currently at $21.50. Check it out here.

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