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Sheaf Ephemera Purely Visual Gallery

Sheaff-ephemera.com is one of my favorite sites on the web. Whether you’re a designer, typographer, or just appreciate beautiful things, this site is a must. You can find collections of printed materials such as vintage photo ad cards to stamps. The Purely Visual gallery is a collection of envelopes, printed tags and more. Most of the items in the collection weren’t meant to be beautiful or small works of art, but are just that. Enjoy and check out the entire Purely Visual gallery here.


1934 Quiniela

Kings County

Sandwich Stampless

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QSL Cards

Zach Ferguson, Senior Designer at design firm Ptarmak, recently inherited some of his grandfather’s belongings. From the early 40’s to the 60’s his grandfather (Andrew Andros) was an avid Ham radio operator. Part of the items Zach inherited were QSL cards. These cards were exchanged between operators to confirm contact between operators. Check out Zach’s original post of the QSL cards.

QSL Card

QSL Card

QSL Card

QSL Card

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Long Island based ONETWENTYSIX has a major crush on all things nautical. When looking at their site you can almost smell the sea. There latest endeavor, clothing line CXXVI, extends that love of the briny deep with nautically themed t shirts and totes. Check out the collection here and be sure to check out their impressive design work.

CXXVI Don't Give Up The Ship

CXXVI Anchor

CXXVI Dead New York

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An Interview With: Chris Creamer of Sportslogos.net

As a fan and a designer sports logos have always fascinated me. A team logo represents so much more than just a sports club. How a simple N overlaying a Y can evoke such passion from some and disdain from others is one hell of a feat. I could think of a few companies who would love to have that kind of brand loyalty.

Over the past 12 years Chris Creamer has created a monster of a site cataloging these logos. Sportslogos.net is trully awe-inspiring with a collection ranging from Major League Baseball to The National Rugby League.

TPP: Creating a website cataloging sports logos, in my mind, would be quite a task. Why did you decide to take on something like that?

Pittsburgh Pirates Logo over the years

From Drunk to Swashbuckler

Chris: Well this was way back in the early days of the Internet and really I was just looking for any reason to learn how to build a website, I always had a fascination with sports logos and uniforms and when I first built the page it was really just a collection of sports logos for myself I had found all over the Internet on other sites. My dad ultimately came up with the suggestion I expand the site to include as many logos, teams, leagues as possible to appeal to other people and here we are, twelve and a half years later. Continue reading

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London based Telegramme began as a collaboration between two friends, fueled by their love of design and receiving mail. Now based out of London, the duo of Christopher and Robert create beautiful illustrations, patterns, and more with a vintage aesthetic.  Check out there site at www.telegramme.co.uk and pick up a poster or two while you’re there. Continue reading

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