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The Patterns and Brushes of Cloaks on deviantART

I’ve been a big fan of Michelle Bretland’s (AKA Cloaks) texture and brush work on deviantART for some time. I especially enjoy her Henna Brush Set and Vintage Sets (old wallpaper).

Texture 082 by =cloaks

Stained Paper 08 by =cloaks


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Sheaf Ephemera Purely Visual Gallery is one of my favorite sites on the web. Whether you’re a designer, typographer, or just appreciate beautiful things, this site is a must. You can find collections of printed materials such as vintage photo ad cards to stamps. The Purely Visual gallery is a collection of envelopes, printed tags and more. Most of the items in the collection weren’t meant to be beautiful or small works of art, but are just that. Enjoy and check out the entire Purely Visual gallery here.


1934 Quiniela

Kings County

Sandwich Stampless

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From Sea to Shining Sea: Travel Posters by The Heads of State

Philadelphia based The Heads of State have created a beautiful series of posters celebrating some of our greatest cities. Reminiscent of the golden age of travel posters, posters are serigraphs, 14″ x 24″ and $30 per poster. Check out the entire collection here.

The Heads of State San Francisco

The Heads of State Miami Continue reading

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City of Vancouver Archives

Vancouver has a great collection of vintage ads from as far back as 1899. My favorite: “Valentine Meat Globules – Can be swallowed whole.”

Valentine Meat Globules

Perfect Morrison and Mallett

DeMar Crests for Sweaters

JM Henton

Vancouver Wine

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QSL Cards

Zach Ferguson, Senior Designer at design firm Ptarmak, recently inherited some of his grandfather’s belongings. From the early 40’s to the 60’s his grandfather (Andrew Andros) was an avid Ham radio operator. Part of the items Zach inherited were QSL cards. These cards were exchanged between operators to confirm contact between operators. Check out Zach’s original post of the QSL cards.

QSL Card

QSL Card

QSL Card

QSL Card

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These Jackets Are Not For Sale

Located on rue St-Denis in Montreal, Rio sells shoes, clothing, and accessories targeted to the punk, goth and overall badasses of Canada. Their online store features an impressive collection of cutomized leather jackets (not for sale). Whether you still rock The Damned or always secretly wanted a mohawk and braces, these jackets are worth a look.

Misfits Leather Jacket

Quebec Hardcore

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The Graphic Design of Jeff Kleinsmith

You may have some of Jeff Kelinsmith’s work and don’t even know it. Jeff has been the art director (the ONLY art director) at Sub Pop records since 1994. Jeff originally got his start working at The Rocket, and was heavily influenced by the mags design style, as well as such designers as Art Chantry.  Kleinsmith is also a founding member of the now defunct BSK Screen Printing; one of Seattle’s original great poster makers.   In addition to his gig at Sub Pop, Jeff is a designer and partner at  Patent Pending Industries. Check out Jeff’s work here.The Postal Service - Jeff Kleinsmith

REM - Jeff Kleinsmith

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