Found On eBay: c1900 Vampire Kit

Definitely one of the more unusual finds on eBay. This kit contains everything you need for battling the undead:

•Leather bound Holy Bible
• Faded gold priests vestment stole
• Old bronze crucifix with skull and bones at the base
• Large crucifix within the lid
• Four wooden stakes with brass or bronze crucifix’s inset
• Wooden hammer
• Cut glass stoppered bottle presumably to take Holy Water
• Three green vials, corked, labeled “sacred soil”, “flour of garlic” and “sacred flowers”

Is the a genuine vampire hunter’s kit? Something sold to tourist? A prop from a movie? Either way, this would make one hell of a conversation starter! Is it just me or do the stakes actually looked used…

Check out the c1900 Vampire Kit on eBay.

c1900 Vampire Kit

c1900 Vampire Kit Wooden Stakes and Crucifix

c1900 Vampire Kit Wooden Hammer, Viles and Holy Water

c1900 Vampire Kit Bible and Vestment

c1900 Vampire Kit with Viles and Holy Water

c1900 Vampire Kit Emblem


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