Vegas’ Neon Boneyard

Flickr user Pam Sattler has a great photo collection of the Neon Boneyard out in Las Vegas. The Boneyard is a time capsule for Las Vegas’ past with their collection including The Algiers Hotel, The Golden Nugget, and more. If you plan on being out in Las Vegas and blow through all your gambling money, check out the Boneyard.


NEON by Pam Sattler

More images after the jump


SIN by Pam Sattler

5 Ton Silver Slipper

5 Ton Silver Slipper by Pam Sattler


W by Pam Sattler

El Cortez

El Cortez by Pam Sattler

Jack Pot

Jack Pot by Pam Sattler


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